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Important information
First demo version of the web application
Here's in the default case some new information for the users.
AKS TechDoc for mobile devices and desktop PCs

AKS TechDoc app supports in everybusiness situation:
- at construction meetings
- in preparation
- inside your workshop
- on site

You benefit from
- short distances and information in real time
- fast navigation within our documentation and
- forwarding of information
- up-to-date data

AKS TecDoc app is available for the operating systems Android, iOS and Microsoft. It provides easy access to technical documentation and architectural information from ALUKÖNIGSTAHL.
As in a kiosk is sorted by categories, documentation can be viewed easily or be downloaded to your device. Thus all catalogues are also available without WLAN connection.
Already downloaded catalogues can be updated conveniently soon. Time-consuming work for sewing in of supplementary pages is omitted.

Download from the App Store
Download from the Google Play Store
Microsoft Windows 7 and 8
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We look forward to receiving your requests, suggestions and comments.
For further information on our products and services please contact us at:

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